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Awarded Contracts

Fleet Readiness Center South West (FRCSW) Depot Level Maintenance (DLM)
[3 contracts; 2011 – Present]

AES is performing on its third consecutive contract in support of FRCSW DLM…

  • AES provided superb performance as a Prime contractor for the U.S. Navy’s 7-year $289 Million FRCSW contract with 520 employees working at eight sites supporting the depot-level maintenance from Induction through Flight Line Test and Final Paint.
  • AES continues to support the FRCSW DLM program as a member of the 8(a) Joint Venture, Aircraft Readiness Alliance (ARA), and its successor, ARA II, with a staff of 130 artisans. 
  • Aircraft supported include: F/A-18A-F, EA-18G, C-130, E-2C, C-2A, UH-1, AH-1W, H-60, H-53, AV-8B, V-22, MQ-8B and the LM2500 shipboard engine.

USCG MH-60T Aircraft Maintenance Services
(2019 – Present)

AES performs Depot Level Maintenance (DLM) on the MH-60T and MH-65 rotary wing aircraft at the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) in Elizabeth City, NC. AES artisans…

  • Provide Aircraft Maintenance Services (AMS) ranging from aircraft induction and modification, through support of flight test. AES provides just under 200 skilled personnel performing AMS tasks on aircraft, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Sheet Metal, Avionics Equipment, Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE), Upholstery and various other aircraft parts and components. 
  • Support the MH-60 Hull Conversion Program which strips and then modifies Navy MH-60 hulls into fully functional Coast Guard MH-60Ts.

Contractor Engineering and Technical Services (CETS)
[7 contracts; 2007 – Present]

AES CETS Engineering Technicians…

  • Deliver comprehensive training to Navy, Marine, and Air National Guard military and civilian personnel.
  • Instruct and inform maintenance technicians on the proficient installation, operation, of aircraft systems including Airframes, Avionics, and Power Plants.
  • Provide technical guidance and advice in resolving unusually complex technical problems with the specified aviation core disciplines.


  • CONUS Current: MCAS Cherry Point; MCAS Beaufort; NAS Oceana; NAS Lemoore; MCAS Miramar; NAS Jacksonville; JRB NOLA; JB Andrews; JB MDL; Stewart ANGB
  • CONUS Past: Selfridge ANGB; Boise ANGB; Fort Wayne ANGB; Baltimore ANGB, Edwards AFB; 
  • FMS/OCONUS: MCAS Iwakuni, JP; Pingtung AFB, TN; Al Taqaddum AB, Iraq
  • Future: NAS JRB Fort Worth; NAS Whidbey Island; MCAS Iwakuni, JP

Depot Onsite Contract Augmentee Team (DOCAT)
[4 Contracts/40+ Task Orders; 2008 – Present]

AES is performing on its fourth IDIQ MAC DOCAT contract in support of USAF depot maintenance at Hill AFB, JRB San Antonio-Randolph, and the Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Group (AMARG). Task orders include…

  • Depot Level Maintenance (DLM) such as supporting Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTOs), Modifications, Inspections, Removal, Repair, Installation, and Transportation.
  • Pneudraulic Repair, Landing Gear Maintenance, Bearing Inspection / Reconditioning, Machining of Aircraft Components, and Kitting
  • Critical Aerospace Maintenance / Regeneration, Parts Reclamation, Storage and Disposal, Paint/Corrosion Control, Preservation of Airframe and Engines, Large Aircraft Towing, Demilitarization, Aircraft Structural Repair; Non-Destructive Inspection; Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance, Regeneration from Desert Storage, Programed Depot Maintenance and Service Life Extension Program.

Stricken Aircraft Reclamation and Disposal Program (SARDIP)
[2 Contracts; 2021 – 2023]

AES provides contractor support to NAVSUP for the complete SARDIP process including…

  • Initial Inspection and Inventory
  • Government Coordination
  • Removal, Processing, Packaging and Turn-in of Repairable Components
  • Removal, Processing, Packaging and Turn-in of Warehouse Parts
  • Removal of Other Parts
  • Crating
  • Disposal

Ground Support Equipment Services at NAWCAD, Lakehurst
[3 contracts; 2006 – 2012]

AES provided GSE support in the form of products and services at Lakehurst including…

  • Production of eight (8) build-to-print UUT Load Ancillary Sets (ULAS) programmable load units for the Navy’s powerful CASS Test System
  • Design and build of 16 different F-18 ATFLIR Support Equipment components for both NAVAIR and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
  • Logisticians who supported all 9 NAVAIR Logistics groups providing test system logistics support summaries, reliability centered maintenance, ILS, LORA, SERDS, lifecycle audits, and maintenance plans
  • Technical Writers for developing Technical Manuals for equipment such as Technical Linkless Ammunition Loading Systems, Bomb Hoisting Unit & Aircraft Towing Tractor.

USAF 402 EMXG Production Support Augmentation at Robins AFB
[2 Contracts; 2007 – 2012]

AES provided I-Level Maintenance and Industrial Plant Support to the 402nd Electronic Maintenance Group (EMXG) and the Maintenance Support Group (MXSG). AES performed troubleshoot and repair of both avionics systems and test stations including…

  • Radar Systems, Heads-Up-Displays, RF Amplifiers, Countermeasure Receivers, Multiple Purpose Displays, Radar Target Processors, Radio Receiver/Transmitters, and Autopilot Systems
  • VDATS, Enhanced Aircraft Radar Test Station (EARTS), Radar Avionics Depot Test Station (RADTS), Teradyne L-Series Testers, Avionics Depot Test System (ADTS), DATSA, AIS, and UG2600 Avionic Test Stations

Engineering Services Support at Tobyhanna Army Depot
[4 Contracts; 2003 – 2012]

AES provided highly specialized SMEs (RF, SATCOM, Software/IT, Industrial, Mechanical and Quality Engineers, Logisticians, and CAD/CAM Operators to staff the following programs…

  • TACSAT Shelters: Satellites, Ku-Band HUB Terminals, Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical Terminals (SMART-T), MILSTAR/Air Defense Management (ADAM) Shelters, SIPRNET/ NIPRNET, Communication Security Encryption Devices (COMSEC)
  • Range Threat Systems: Mutes, Mini-Mutes, MPQ-T3
  • TPQ36 Fire Finder and TPQ37 Phased Array RADAR System & Antenna
  • Forward Area Air Defense (FAAD)