Technical Excellence & Commitment to Warfighters

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“Affordable Engineering Services maintains open communication and has displayed flexibility and adaptability to meeting 402 EMXG workload requirements. The contract personnel ability to troubleshoot down to the exact bad part helped keep the cost down on repairs. Their dedication, hard work, and training allow the 402 EMXG to meet our Warfighter needs”

U.S. Air ForceMillee Sapp, Deputy Director 402 EMXSS, Robins AFB

“Exceptional on all evaluation categories: Contract Compliance, Program Management, Experience and Skills, Resources, Cooperation and Flexibility, Quality Assurances, Feedback & Communication, Corrective Actions, Attitude & Customer Need Satisfaction, and Technical Expertise.”

US ARMYAllan Borgacci, Engineering Division Manager, Tobyhanna Army Depot

“By your selfless dedication to duty and professionalism, you enhanced our ability to complete and support missions throughout the I MEF area of operations. Your detailed support saved the squadron excessive maintenance man hours and enabled the squadron to maintain an unprecedented aircraft readiness throughout the deployment. Due in large part to your direct efforts, the Purple Foxes of HMM-364 were able to log over 4,100 flight hours on over 5,000 sorties in support of the critical helicopter assault and general support missions while stationed aboard Al Taqaddum Airbase Iraq.”

U.S. Marine CorpsCommanding Officer, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364

“Just an email to thank AES for their outstanding teamwork yesterday in getting the bushing issue resolved for the F-18 Line. I commend both of you for following through and turning a very bad situation in to a workable solution. That is what we are here for. Let's keep up the great work and learn from the lesson we faced yesterday by maintaining our transaction disciplines.”

U.S. NavyCindy L. Zimmerman, NAVAIR