Unmanned Systems (UxS) Solutions

Background and Capabilities

AES launched an affiliate company called “Kaizen Kinetics International (K2I)” that specializes in Unmanned Systems and is an innovative solutions provider for the international unmanned systems market including Aerial, Maritime, and Land based systems.

AES provides comprehensive unmanned systems solutions (Air, Land and Water) for both military as well as commercial applications in the domestic and international market .

Our technical expertise include Fixed Wing and Tethered & Untethered Multi-Rotor Unmanned Systems, Unmanned Submarines, Satellite Communications, Radar Systems, complex Hardware & Software Designs and Live Simulation for Pilot Training.

Focused on bridging the technology gaps of the global unmanned systems environment, we have established a deep network of teaming partners in the Science, Academia and Commercial industry sectors, as well as Public Safety, Utilities, Mining and Entertainment industries.

We specialize in the design & construction of unmanned aerial systems and submersible vehicles, managing the full life cycle of this product. We are a strong proponent of high safety and reliability. As a result, we have chosen components that provide these features. Our products range from Multi-rotor UAVs to Fixed Wing UAVs including Tethered UAVs. All our platforms offer HD Video/Photography, FLIR Thermal Imaging, Waypoint Based Navigation.

Our Products

Fixed Wing

Our Services

  • Border Patrol and Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire/Search & Rescue Operations
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Dam Safety Inspections
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Inspections
  • Power Line Inspections
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Open Pit Mining
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Real Estate Photography

AES is a Complete Unmanned Systems Solutions Provider